A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

WorldCupSokerban is a soccer-themed, 3D sokoban puzzle game. It now runs on Windows too!

It has undo (u) and restart (r) functions. Comes with many puzzle files, each typically having dozens of "levels". The next (n) and previous (p) keys move between levels. The (Lshft) and (Rshft) keys move between the different puzzle files (there are currently 60). The (z) key creates a setpoint (reZero) so that subsequent restarts restore that setpoint. And now there is an embedded AutoSolver to step towards a solution when you get stuck.

To move the "pusher" use the WASD or arrow keys. The objective is to kick all the red and blue balls into the goal nets. Notice that these strange soccer balls roll in two perpendicular directions only!

And now the mouse can be used to control the game viewpoint. The mouse wheel adjusts the eye distance; a left button drag changes view angle; a right button click restores the default view settings. MacBooks can simulate these actions, as noted below.

Works on Windows, Macs running OS-X and PCs running GNU/Linux.

## Features:
* laptop friendly;
* user definable puzzles;
* many predefined puzzles ranging from easy to impossible;
* Windows, GNU/linux and OSX binaries;
* full source code;
* supports high DPI mode on OS-X Retina displays;

* Andres Cantor sound effects.

The arrow keys control movements and the keyboard controls for view are:
* (c) closer
* (f) further
* (0) defaults
* (/) tilt up
* (\\) tilt down

* (=) tryAutoSolver

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and you will see a new directory appear that you may rename.

Users should then cd to <install_directory>, then, at the command line, type the executable name to start the game.

Windows users type sokerban.exe.  The DLLs must be present.

Linux users can also double click the icon for sokerban_gnu in file manager.

Mac users note that this game may be initiated in two ways. First, by opening a terminal, navigating to the <install_directory>, and typing sokerban_osx on the command line. Second by navigating to the installation directory in Finder and clicking the "sokerban.app" icon named "Sokerban". Note also that a 2-finger-swipe simulates the mouse wheel on a MacBook; and a 2-finger click simulates the right button click to restore view settings, while a 1-finger click and drag simulates the left button drag on a mouse.

The <install_directory> should contain subdirectories named "data", "libs", and "games".

Three [pre-compiled] binary executables are provided, one for Windows, one for gnu/linux and one for OS-X. The OSX executable is intended to have minimal runtime requirements: sokerban_osx. The other binary [for linux] sokerban_gnu, is intended to run in the presence of the directory "libLocal", which contains some dynamically loaded libraries that can be, but need not be present on a target system: SDL2, SFML.

Build scripts are included that require a recent GNAT compiler.


sb1apr18.tar.gz 48 MB

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