A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

RufaSlider contains many block slider puzzles including the Klotski-style family and the Traffic-Rush family. And now these puzzle families come with AutoSolvers to help you.

The Klotski family uses rectangles of 4 sizes: 1x1, 2x2, 1x2, 2x1. The objective in each game is stated near the window top, but usually involves moving a large block to a specified location within the window.

The Traffic-Rush family uses data, with 2x1, 1x2, 3x1, 1x3 rectangles. Here, the long rectangles represent cars or trucks that can only move [roll] lengthwise...the goal being to move the red car toward the "garage door" on the right.

Note that either game description file is a simple text file with a particular format that allows users to easily define additional puzzles.

Several other classic block slider games are included: Fifteen, Eight, Nine, Panama, MaBoy, GetMyGoat, 2-versions of HoleInOne, Suits, DirtyDozen, and 2-versions of LinkRings. There are also two solvers included called "bfs" (breadth-first-search), and "bfsr" that work for most bslider/rush puzzles. It expects a puzzle file name as input, and outputs a text file with a list of moves indicated as a block number and direction. Note that the (x)-key toggles the display of block numbers to enable following a solution generated by a solver.

To move a block, use the arrow keys. If the automatic block selector chooses the wrong block, simply click the cursor on the desired block before using the arrow key. Thusly, the games are laptop friendly.

Finally, there are autosolvers embedded into the TrafficRush, Klotski, DirtyDozen, LinkRings and Maboy games to be used interactively, using the (=)-key.  This provides an amazing tool to learn how to solve seemingly hopeless problems.

Works on Macs running OS-X and PCs running GNU/Linux.

At any time, hit the letter (r) to reset/restart, or (esc) to quit.

For Rush, Bslider and DirtyDozen, you use the (n) key to go to the next puzzle, which in general is more difficult. The (p) key takes you to the previous puzzle.

Remember that (x) toggles block letters that allow you to follow solution instructions from one of the autosolvers.

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and you will see a new directory appear with a name like bundle+date", that you should rename to something like install_directory.

Linux users should then cd to install_directory, then, at the command line, type "rufaslid" to access any game. You may also double click its icon in file manager.

Mac users note that this game may be initiated in two ways. First, by opening a terminal, navigating to the install_directory, and typing "rufaslider_osx" on the command line. Second by navigating to the installation directory in Finder and clicking the "rufaslider.app" icon named "rufaslider".

The install_directory should contain subdirectories named "data", "libLocal", "incLocal", "puzzles".


rslid21oct17.tar.gz (74 MB)

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