A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

RufasGate is a first-person (you are the pusher) 3D sokoban puzzle game within a Stargate/Portal fantasy setting.

While exploring a remote south-seas island you find an operational stargate that lures you into a curious sequence of dungeons. Your escape will require the logical rearrangement of weird power cells, called Zero Point Modules [ZPMs], that can roll in only two directions.

Shoot your portal guns at the dungeon walls to define a wormhole escape. But, in order to activate it, all of the ZPMs must be bumped into their sockets. Now, you can only PUSH the ZPMs. That means you will fail if you roll one into a corner or against a wall.

There are 4 dungeons and 5 degrees of difficulty [DoD] for a total of 20 user-replaceable puzzles to solve. Escape all 4 levels at the current DoD to reach an exotic lake on the surface, where the DoD is increased for your next game. Each game resumes at the DoD and level attained in the previous game.

Works on Macs running OS-X and PCs running GNU/Linux.

Note that RufasGate can run on minimal graphics hardware, eg MacMini.

# Newest Update:

**ver 3.9.3 -- 5jul17**

* Updated linux scripts to use
    * GNU g++ v6.3.1 (from AdaCore 2017);
    * SFML v2.4.2, audio library rebuilt using g++ v6.3.1;  
* Added "legacy" linux script lcmp16.sh that references earlier SFML libraries that work for GNU g++ v4.9.4 (from AdaCore 2016 and earlier);
* Note that OS-X script, as always, uses the Xcode g++ compiler;
* Added startup messages listing OGL profile & version;
* Implemented a nicer conformal texture map for rocks, coconuts;
* Improved ocean opacity using a simplified Fresnel effect.

More information

Published 1 year ago
PlatformsmacOS, Linux
Tags3D, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Space, Surreal

Install instructions

Unzip the tar file into a suitable location and run. Two [pre-compiled] binary executables are provided, one for gnu/linux and one for OS-X. The OSX executable is intended to have minimal runtime requirements: rufasgate_osx. The other binary, rufasgate_gnu, is intended to run in the presence of the directory "gnulibs", which contains some dynamically loaded libraries that can be, but need not be present on a target system: GLEW, SDL2, SFML.

Two build scripts are delivered: ocmps.sh (Mac), lcmps.sh (Linux) but should not be needed. But if the linux binary does not run on your distro, rebuild using lcmps.sh.


rgate5jul17.tar.gz (112 MB)


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RufasGate has relatively modest graphics requirements, by today's standards. It does, however, require OpenGL v. 3.3 or greater. On GNU/Linux this might require using a proprietary graphic driver, but I'm not sure. I have tested it and it runs on my 2009 Mac Mini, and an old MacBook as well as GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 with nVidia proprietary graphic driver).