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Now uses Freetype fonts and Felix Krause's OpenGLAda.

## Fixed linux build, 26nov19

## As of 11nov17, runs on Windows too!

## As of 13feb18, it uses GLFW and OpenGLAda

## RufasCube Game Introduction
RufasCube is NOT another Rubic's Cube.  

It's a much simpler slider puzzle that is incrementally solvable.  A 3x3x3 arrangement of cubelets with the center one missing allows sliding permutations. After a randomization, the goal is to restore the cube to its original configuration based on color and alphabetic hints.

Dragging the cursor rotates the cube for a better view angle.

Clicking the cursor on a cubelet adjacent to the empty space will slide it into that empty space. On laptops you may also hit <return> when the cursor is on the cubelet of choice to select and slide it. On MacBooks, a 2-finger tap on the touchpad does the job.

As indicated on screen, <h> will toggle a help screen.

Note that <c> will toggle an alternate skin Color. One looks like a rubic cube coloring, and the other is an RGB coloring where red increases in the X-direction, green increases in the Y-direction, and blue in the Z-direction.

Works on Windows, Macs running OS-X and PCs running GNU/Linux.


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