A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Now uses Freetype fonts and Felix Krause's OpenGLAda.

## As of 11nov17, runs on Windows too!

## As of 13feb18, it uses GLFW and OpenGLAda

## RufasCube Game Introduction
RufasCube is NOT another Rubic's Cube. It's a whole new kind of puzzle. A 3x3x3 arrangement of cubelets with the center one missing allows sliding permutations. After a randomization, the goal is to restore the cube to its original configuration based on color and alphabetic hints.

Dragging the cursor rotates the cube for a better view angle.

Clicking the cursor on a cubelet adjacent to the empty space will slide it into that empty space. On laptops you may also hit <return> when the cursor is on the cubelet of choice to select and slide it. On MacBooks, a 2-finger tap on the touchpad does the job.

As indicated on screen, <h> will toggle a help screen.

Note that <c> will toggle an alternate skin Color. One looks like a rubic cube coloring, and the other is an RGB coloring where red increases in the X-direction, green increases in the Y-direction, and blue in the Z-direction.

Works on Windows, Macs running OS-X and PCs running GNU/Linux.

Install instructions

## Running rufascube:
Unzip the archive and you will see a new directory appear.  CD to it.

Windows users type "rufascube.exe".
Linux users should  type "rufascube_gnu" to start the game. You may also double click the icon for rufascube_gnu in file manager.

Mac users note that this game may be initiated in two ways also. First, by opening a terminal, navigating to the cube_install_directory, and typing "rufascube_osx" on the command line. Second by navigating to the installation directory in Finder and clicking the "rufascube.app" icon named "RufasCube". Note also that a 2-finger-swipe simulates the mouse wheel on a MacBook.

The cube_install_directory should contain a subdirectory named "data". It contains shaders and sound data.

One optional command-line parameter can be either:
* none => start with RufasCube; user may toggle to RgbCube;
* r => start with RgbCube; user may toggle to RufasCube;

* g => Solid Green iQube;
* yg => Yellow iQube with green dots;
* yr => Yellow iQube with red dots;

The RGB version loads a different "skin" based on an RGB color scheme whereby position along X,Y,Z axis determines RGB-color content. The first, original version has the appearance of a Rubic's cube. The 3rd & 4th represent an iQube as discussed above, with a totally different goal of transforming the outer surface of the cube to entirely RED.

As indicated on screen, <h> will show a help screen. As long as you are not in the iQube mode, the <c> key will toggle between the RgbCube and the RufasCube at any time. The mousewheel controls zoom.


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