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While searching a remote south-seas island for traces of a lost American heroine, an operational stargate lures you into 4 strange dungeons. Escape will require the logical rearrangement of weird power cells [ZPMs] that roll in only two directions. Shoot your portal guns at the dungeon walls to configure 2 escape portals, but in order to activate them, all of the ZPMs must be bumped onto their sockets. But beware: you can only PUSH the ZPMs, so you will fail if you roll one into a corner or against a wall. But don't worry, cheating is pretty easy ; )

With 5 degrees of difficulty [DoD], there are 20 user-replaceable puzzles to solve. Escape all 4 dungeons to experience the neptune choir and increment the DoD for your next challenge.

Runs on Mac OS-X and Gnu/Linux.

## required for running:
* graphics card & driver that supports OpenGL version 3.3 or later;

## mouse/touchpad/keyboard controls
Note that you might need to disconnect unused gamecontrollers to prevent spinning!
Look direction is controlled by touch pad or mouse;
Movement is controlled by the arrow keys:
(Lt) (Dn) (Rt)
Shoot the two portal guns using: (L)-key (R)-key, or (if you have two) the two mouse buttons.
(space)-key => jump up/over short walls
(esc)-key => exit;

### joystick (optional)
* joystick : attitude
* thumb btn: forward
* trigger btn: backward
* Ltop/Rtop btns: select/shoot
* base btn: jump
### gamecontroller (optional)
* Lpaddle : attitude
* Rpaddle : movement
* Ltrigger, Rtrigger : selece/shoot
* base btn: jump

## AdaGate Game Features
* Works on PCs or laptops running OS-X or GNU/Linux. And if GNAT is installed you can build it yourself! But first try the delivered binaries.
* Both GNU/Linux and OS-X binaries provided, as well as full source. Improved compatibility of pre-built binaries run on many recent distros of linux and OS-X.
* Laptop friendly controls; supports Mac Retina displays.
* A first-person (you are the pusher) 3D Sokoban puzzle game that uses the intersection of two cylinders as a puzzle piece that rolls in two perpendicular directions.
* New stargate dial-home-device [DHD] allows non-linear play; watch island setting evolve.
* Roll the cylindrical ZPMs to empower the portals and escape thru a wormhole
* Four rooms and five degrees of difficulty for a total of 20 challenging puzzles. And now solutions are available in the file ./data/solns.sok.


Note: the 22mar2016 update uses SFML audio v2.1 and a static-library compilation on OS-X ...

... while the 26mar2016 update (and later) uses SFML audio v.2.3.2 and a local-Framework compilation system on OS-X.

More information

Published216 days ago
PlatformsMac OS X, Linux
Tags3D, Fantasy, First-Person, Singleplayer
LicenseGNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL)
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Joystick
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

**ver 6.0.4 -- 20oct16**

* Fixed errors that caused erroneous textures to appear when portals were open.

* Added capability to shoot at a target seen through a portal. This augments possible strategies for escaping a dungeon to allow escape with a single teleportation.

* Remedied an apparent error when both portals are on the same wall. In this case, their two virtual worlds overlap and interfere with each other. Now, only the closer one is drawn (unless their heights are equal).

* The TARDIS makes a twisting debut.

**ver 6.0.3 -- 27sep16**

* improved oarfish appearance.

* improved the tree drawing technique to use fewer resources and simplify logic.

* corrected portal gun aimpoints when not high enough above ledges.

* revised dungeon portals to allow a see-thru view to destination rather than showing an opaque stargate texture. This enhancement was quite complex because it required the derivation of some magical transormation equations, as well as modifying the fragment shader to create a transparent spot on an existing wall texture.


**ver 6.0.2 -- 03jul16**

* added lava shriek.

* improved snd4ada.cpp

* Added gnat project files for OSX and GNU-linux, for any developers who prefer them, as well as an unfinished and untested prototype for MSWin. Any volunteer developers with an MSWindows platform that might be able to finish it are welcomed to try. (I abandoned MSWin in 1999)

* A description of the 6 legacy compilation scripts follows:

* lcmp.sh : Linux, all shared libs

* lcmps.sh : Linux some static libs

* lcmpss.sh : Linux maximal static libs

* ocmp.sh : OSX minimal statics

* ocmps.sh : OSX some statics

* ocmpss.sh : OSX maximal statics

**ver 6.0.1 -- 7may16**

* Updated OpenAL frameworks and static libraries that remove deprecation warning on OS-X. These allow compilation scripts that deliver even more portable binaries for both OS-X and Gnu/Linux.
* Small improvements/corrections in palm swaying motion and sounds.
* Cleaned up scripts and libraries.

**ver 6.0 -- 26apr16**

* Updated audio to use SFML version 2.3.2. A new advantage is that OGG format sound files can be used. These are smaller and non-proprietary.
* The OS-X build system for AdaGate now uses included Frameworks for common but not universal OGG/Vorbis libraries, and static SFML libs.
* Similarly updated the gnu-linux build system to facilitate using the new SFML static libraries and included shared libs for OGG/Vorbis.

**ver 5.9.1 -- 12apr16**

* Fixed critical error within ./gnulibs/ that prevented the GNU-Linux executable from being able to find necessary shared libraries. Several additional softlinks solved this problem.

**ver 5.9.0 -- 8apr16**

* Reverted to SFML v2.1 for portability and build simplicity.
* Improved directory structure;
* Reduced size of largest WAV files by trimming to 30 seconds;
* Higher percent static libs used in gnu/linux compile script;
* All nonstandard libraries are static in OS-X compile script.

* See "build instructions" below.


## Running adagate:
Unzip the archive and you will see a new directory appear with a name like "bundle_date", that you should rename to something like "adagate_install_directory".

Linux users should then cd to adagate_install_directory, then type "adagate_gnu" to start the game. You may also double click its icon in file manager.

Mac users start this game by navigating to the installation directory in Finder and clicking the "adagate.app" icon named "AdaGate".

The adagate_install_directory should contain a subdirectory named "data". It contains shaders, skyboxes, sound and texture data, as well as the puzzle definitions.

## Build Instructions:

Two [pre-compiled] binary executables are delivered, one for gnu/linux and one for OS-X. The linux binary, adagate_gnu, is intended to run in the presence of the directory "libs", which contains some dynamically loaded libraries that can be, but need not be present on a target system: SFML, SDL2

Build scripts for GNAT2015 or newer are provided. Suggestions for improving the build process are always welcome.

**MacOSX** => ocmpss.sh:

build script for generating a portable executable that will run on most OS-X platforms whether or not they have non-standard libraries SDL2 or SFML installed. This is used to build the executable named adagate_osx. Macs with a recent but standard configuration of OS-X should be able to rebuild using this script, assuming you have GNAT GPL installed.

**GNU/Linux** => lcmpss.sh

utilizes the non-standard static libraries SDL2 & SFML, as well as other more common shared libraries that are delivered in this bundle under ./gnulibs/. This is used to build the [gnu/linux] executable, which should run in the presence of ./gnulibs/, whether or not your system has those shared libraries installed. Note that the runtime loader will prefer system libraries if they are present.

The current build is compiled on OpenSUSE v13.2, and uses GLIBC 2.14 [dating from june 2011]. This generally means that if your linux distro uses glibc v2.14 or newer, then the prebuilt binary should probably run on your system (and be rebuildable).

If the delivered linux binary does not run...

* Manually install GNAT GPL from libre.adacore.com/download/.
* Rerun the compile script lcmpss.sh or lcmps.sh or lcmp.sh

AdaGate is covered by the GNU GPL v3 as indicated in the sources:
Copyright (C) 2016 <fastrgv@gmail.com>
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You may read the full text of the GNU General Public License
at <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.


ag20oct16.tar.gz (105 MB)

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