A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

## SevenSlider Game Introduction
Seven is NOT another Rubic's Cube. It's a whole new kind of puzzle. A 2x2x2 arrangement of cubelets with one missing allows sliding permutations. After a randomization, the goal is to restore the cube to its original configuration based on color and numeric hints.

Dragging the cursor rotates the cube for a better view angle.

Clicking the cursor on a cubelet adjacent to the empty space will slide it into that empty space. On laptops you may also hit <return> when the cursor is on the cubelet of choice to select and slide it. On MacBooks, a 2-finger tap on the touchpad does the job.

As indicated on screen, <h> will toggle a help screen, and <c> will toggle color schemes.

Works on Macs running OS-X and PCs running GNU/Linux.

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and you will see a new directory appear with a name like "bundle_<date>", that you should rename to something like "seven_install_directory".

Linux users should then cd to seven_install_directory, then type "seven_gnu" to start the game.

Mac users please note: this game can be initiated by opening a terminal, navigating to the seven_install_directory, and typing "seven_osx" on the command line. The usual method should work too since a Mac binary bundle is now included.

Note also that a 2-finger-swipe simulates the mouse wheel on a MacBook.


## Using the build scripts
* systems: OS-X or GNU/Linux
* a recent gnat compiler
* the included "libs" directory contains Ada interfaces as well as all needed libraries. Dynamic in the case of GNU/Linux, and static in the case of OS-X.
* lcmp.sh for GNU/Linux should be editted to export the correct path to the "gnatmake" executable.
* ocmp.sh for OS-X assumes "gnatmake" is visible.

* Note that the Ada interface to SFML-AUDIO (snd4ada_hpp.ads) was created with the command: "g++ -c -fdump-ada-spec -C snd4ada.hpp" which references a minimalistic C++ utility snd4ada.


seven11apr17.tar.gz (17 MB)

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